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Below is a list of families that are annotated for the GO term membrane [GO:0016020].  This GO term is of type cellular_component.

IDName TypeDescription# Aligned SequencesAignment length in AA
PF01478 Peptidase_A24 familyType IV leader peptidase family 109322
PF01414 DSL domainDelta serrate ligand 1867
PF01405 PsbT familyPhotosystem II reaction centre T protein 329
PF01127 Sdh_cyt familySuccinate dehydrogenase cytochrome b subunit 42128
PF05071 Complex1_17_2kD familyNADH:ubiquinone oxidoreductase 17.2 kD subunit 10122
PF00528 BPD_transp_1 familyBinding-protein-dependent transport system inner membrane component 92338
PF07517 SecA_DEAD domainSecA DEAD-like domain 70468
PF02517 Abi familyCAAX amino terminal protease family 46146
PF04664 OGFr_N familyOpioid growth factor receptor (OGFr) conserved region 2215
PF01226 Form_Nir_trans familyFormate/nitrite transporter 7293
PF03030 H_PPase familyInorganic H+ pyrophosphatase 9899
PF01284 MARVEL domainMembrane-associating domain 43229
PF05881 CNPase family2',3'-cyclic nucleotide 3'-phosphodiesterase (CNP or CNPase) 5423
PF02133 Transp_cyt_pur familyPermease for cytosine/purines, uracil, thiamine, allantoin 16479
PF04831 Popeye familyPopeye protein conserved region 2154
PF00060 Lig_chan familyLigand-gated ion channel 51425
PF01788 PsbJ familyPsbJ842
PF05210 Sprouty familySprouty protein (Spry) 6356
PF00209 SNF familySodium:neurotransmitter symporter family 15642
PF00802 Glycoprotein_G familyPneumovirus attachment glycoprotein G 4261
PF04464 Glyphos_transf familyCDP-Glycerol:Poly(glycerophosphate) glycerophosphotransferase 25226
PF00230 MIP familyMajor intrinsic protein 17335
PF07668 MpPF1 familyM penetrans paralogue family 1 31506
PF00757 Furin-like familyFurin-like cysteine rich region 12182
PF00504 Chloroa_b-bind familyChlorophyll A-B binding protein 49267
PF01545 Cation_efflux familyCation efflux family 78347
PF00629 MAM domainMAM domain 46233
PF02264 LamB domainLamB porin 6490
PF04092 SAG familySRS domain 33188
PF03388 Lectin_leg-like familyLegume-like lectin family 9245
PF02949 7tm_6 family7tm Odorant receptor 40469
PF03360 Glyco_transf_43 familyGlycosyltransferase family 43 15311
PF02705 K_trans familyK+ potassium transporter 10823
PF00812 Ephrin familyEphrin14176
PF02430 AMA-1 familyApical membrane antigen 1 4623
PF00032 Cytochrom_B_C domainCytochrome b(C-terminal)/b6/petD 9116
PF01064 Activin_recp domainActivin types I and II receptor domain 24127
PF02214 K_tetra domainK+ channel tetramerisation domain 47116
PF00474 SSF familySodium:solute symporter family 10447
PF07715 Plug domainTonB-dependent Receptor Plug Domain 757264
PF01848 HOK_GEF familyHok/gef family 750
PF02462 Opacity familyOpacity family porin protein 4190
PF02674 Colicin_V familyColicin V production protein 20176
PF01770 Folate_carrier familyReduced folate carrier 6422
PF00822 PMP22_Claudin familyPMP-22/EMP/MP20/Claudin family 13198
PF03311 Cornichon familyCornichon protein 9147
PF01222 ERG4_ERG24 familyErgosterol biosynthesis ERG4/ERG24 family 5508
PF00690 Cation_ATPase_N domainCation transporter/ATPase, N-terminus 155107
PF00344 SecY familyeubacterial secY protein 17396
PF02673 BacA familyBacitracin resistance protein BacA 22290
PF01531 Glyco_transf_11 familyGlycosyl transferase family 11 6332
PF00028 Cadherin familyCadherin domain 57129
PF06818 Fez1 familyFez16221
PF00969 MHC_II_beta domainClass II histocompatibility antigen, beta domain 12184
PF03912 PsbW familyPhotosystem II reaction centre W protein, PsbW 3114
PF01312 Bac_export_2 familyFlhB HrpN YscU SpaS Family 16358
PF07140 IFNGR1 familyInterferon gamma receptor alpha chain (IFNGR1) 3492
PF06441 EHN familyEpoxide hydrolase N terminus 23131
PF06389 Filo_VP24 familyFilovirus membrane-associated protein VP24 2253
PF00116 COX2 domainCytochrome C oxidase subunit II, periplasmic domain 32136
PF01298 Lipoprotein_5 familyTransferrin binding protein-like solute binding protein 341110
PF01130 CD36 familyCD36 family 11594
PF00921 Lipoprotein_2 familyBorrelia lipoprotein 16199
PF03381 CDC50 familyLEM3 (ligand-effect modulator 3) family / CDC50 family 10380
PF02354 Latrophilin familyLatrophilin Cytoplasmic C-terminal region 3405
PF02931 Neur_chan_LBD familyNeurotransmitter-gated ion-channel ligand binding domain 115320
PF01435 Peptidase_M48 familyPeptidase family M48 22297
PF01793 Glyco_transf_15 familyGlycolipid 2-alpha-mannosyltransferase 16450
PF01733 Nucleoside_tran familyNucleoside transporter 8345
PF00950 ABC-3 familyABC 3 transport family 16268
PF01032 FecCD familyFecCD transport family 29376
PF02611 CDH familyCDP-diacylglycerol pyrophosphatase 3257
PF02325 YGGT familyYGGT family 2385
PF05481 Myco_19_kDa familyMycobacterium 19 kDa lipoprotein antigen 3165
PF05482 Serendipity_A familySerendipity locus alpha protein (SRY-A) 5610
PF00839 Cys_rich_FGFR familyCysteine rich repeat 2574
PF07933 DUF1681 familyProtein of unknown function (DUF1681) 13235
PF01404 Ephrin_lbd domainEphrin receptor ligand binding domain 15199
PF02028 BCCT familyBCCT family transporter 6499
PF00852 Glyco_transf_10 familyGlycosyltransferase family 10 (fucosyltransferase) 5449
PF01066 CDP-OH_P_transf familyCDP-alcohol phosphatidyltransferase 79212
PF01153 Glypican familyGlypican7626
PF02460 Patched familyPatched family 111084
PF01313 Bac_export_3 familyBacterial export proteins, family 3 1576
PF00584 SecE familySecE/Sec61-gamma subunits of protein translocation complex 1357
PF01437 PSI familyPlexin repeat 98127
PF03170 BcsB familyBacterial cellulose synthase subunit 8661
PF04272 Phospholamban domainPhospholamban252
PF00002 7tm_2 family7 transmembrane receptor (Secretin family) 33376
PF03185 CaKB familyCalcium-activated potassium channel, beta subunit 4201
PF00689 Cation_ATPase_C familyCation transporting ATPase, C-terminus 71287
PF05215 Spiralin familySpiralin4239
PF02030 Lipoprotein_8 familyHypothetical lipoprotein (MG045 family) 3682
PF06596 PsbX familyPhotosystem II reaction centre X protein (PsbX) 639
PF00854 PTR2 familyPOT family 25518
PF00377 Prion domainPrion/Doppel alpha-helical domain 7132
PF02687 FtsX familyPredicted permease 166289
PF02434 Fringe familyFringe-like7253
PF00510 COX3 familyCytochrome c oxidase subunit III 21261
PF01578 Cytochrom_C_asm familyCytochrome C assembly protein 39331
PF07462 MSP1_C familyMerozoite surface protein 1 (MSP1) C-terminus 4582
PF00520 Ion_trans familyIon transport protein 327424
PF05791 Bacillus_HBL familyBacillus haemolytic enterotoxin (HBL) 7208
PF01169 UPF0016 familyUncharacterized protein family UPF0016 1176
PF02300 Fumarate_red_C domainFumarate reductase subunit C 5132
PF01569 PAP2 familyPAP2 superfamily 88261
PF02378 PTS_EIIC familyPhosphotransferase system, EIIC 64502
PF03522 KCl_Cotrans_1 familyK-Cl Co-transporter type 1 (KCC1) 330
PF02419 PsbL familyPsbL protein 337
PF02480 Herpes_gE familyAlphaherpesvirus glycoprotein E 13530
PF03116 NQR2_RnfD_RnfE familyNQR2, RnfD, RnfE family 8490
PF02487 CLN3 familyCLN3 protein 5439
PF00530 SRCR domainScavenger receptor cysteine-rich domain 20129
PF02404 SCF familyStem cell factor 4288
PF02118 Srg familyC.elegans Srg family integral membrane protein 10315
PF01219 DAGK_prokar familyProkaryotic diacylglycerol kinase 6115
PF05008 V-SNARE familyVesicle transport v-SNARE protein 20175
PF04333 VacJ familyVacJ like lipoprotein 12213
PF04030 ALO familyD-arabinono-1,4-lactone oxidase 3358
PF06280 DUF1034 domainDomain of Unknown Function (DUF1034) 15157
PF03285 Paralemmin familyParalemmin4348
PF02554 CstA familyCarbon starvation protein CstA 7428
PF00737 PsbH familyPhotosystem II 10 kDa phosphoprotein 1652
PF02563 Poly_export familyPolysaccharide biosynthesis/export protein 21241
PF00058 Ldl_recept_b repeatLow-density lipoprotein receptor repeat class B 2857
PF01235 Na_Ala_symp familySodium:alanine symporter family 6528
PF01810 LysE familyLysE type translocator 22253
PF00813 FliP familyFliP family 17212
PF03016 Exostosin familyExostosin family 27437
PF01030 Recep_L_domain domainReceptor L domain 71172
PF02485 Branch familyCore-2/I-Branching enzyme 25241
PF02947 Flt3_lig domainflt3 ligand 3135
PF00577 Usher familyFimbrial Usher protein 35921
PF00341 PDGF domainPlatelet-derived growth factor (PDGF) 384
PF01384 PHO4 familyPhosphate transporter family 27714
PF02508 Rnf-Nqr familyRnf-Nqr subunit, membrane protein 11219
PF00804 Syntaxin domainSyntaxin61118
PF00606 Glycoprotein_B familyHerpesvirus Glycoprotein B 15803
PF02628 COX15-CtaA familyCytochrome oxidase assembly protein 6397
PF03954 Lectin_N familyHepatic lectin, N-terminal domain 5168
PF08015 Pheromone familyFungal mating-type pheromone 38101
PF01457 Peptidase_M8 familyLeishmanolysin8680
PF02653 BPD_transp_2 familyBranched-chain amino acid transport system / permease component 52456
PF04650 YSIRK_signal motifYSIRK type signal peptide 6828
PF00892 DUF6 familyIntegral membrane protein DUF6 105148
PF03280 Lipase_chap familyProteobacterial lipase chaperone protein 8294
PF05197 DUF714 familyDomain of unknown function 6200
PF01790 LGT familyProlipoprotein diacylglyceryl transferase 70434
PF01445 SH familyViral small hydrophobic protein 457
PF00358 PTS_EIIA_1 domainphosphoenolpyruvate-dependent sugar phosphotransferase system, EIIA 1 14133
PF01943 Polysacc_synt familyPolysaccharide biosynthesis protein 31324
PF06623 MHC_I_C familyMHC_I C-terminus 1429
PF01184 Grp1_Fun34_YaaH familyGPR1/FUN34/yaaH family 4212
PF00015 MCPsignal familyMethyl-accepting chemotaxis protein (MCP) signaling domain 10285
PF00122 E1-E2_ATPase familyE1-E2 ATPase 104337
PF03348 TMS_TDE familyTMS membrane protein/tumour differentially expressed protein (TDE) 6486
PF00909 Ammonium_transp familyAmmonium Transporter Family 25519
PF00593 TonB_dep_Rec familyTonB dependent receptor 681692
PF04186 FxsA familyFxsA cytoplasmic membrane protein 10126
PF00129 MHC_I domainClass I Histocompatibility antigen, domains alpha 1 and 2 25181
PF03239 FTR1 familyIron permease FTR1 family 13423
PF05049 IIGP familyInterferon-inducible GTPase (IIGP) 6384
PF02530 Porin_2 familyPorin subfamily 3392
PF02537 CRCB familyCrcB-like protein 12133
PF02060 ISK_Channel familySlow voltage-gated potassium channel 3130
PF02203 TarH domainTar ligand binding domain homologue 10141
PF02322 Cyto_ox_2 familyCytochrome oxidase subunit II 15390
PF02411 MerT familyMerT mercuric transport protein 3116
PF01241 PSI_PSAK familyPhotosystem I psaG / psaK 998
PF02516 STT3 familyOligosaccharyl transferase STT3 subunit 15987
PF00066 Notch domainNotch (DSL) domain 1042
PF01528 Herpes_glycop familyHerpesvirus glycoprotein M 16420
PF02253 PLA1 domainPhospholipase A1 4316
PF07516 SecA_SW familySecA Wing and Scaffold domain 22238
PF02189 ITAM motifImmunoreceptor tyrosine-based activation motif 1222
PF06472 ABC_membrane_2 familyABC transporter transmembrane region 2 26333
PF00146 NADHdh familyNADH dehydrogenase 25344
PF01311 Bac_export_1 familyBacterial export proteins, family 1 16257
PF04666 Glyco_transf_54 familyN-Acetylglucosaminyltransferase-IV (GnT-IV) conserved region 7315
PF01299 Lamp familyLysosome-associated membrane glycoprotein (Lamp) 10396
PF00064 Neur familyNeuraminidase7486
PF01566 Nramp familyNatural resistance-associated macrophage protein 17441
PF02723 NS3_envE familyNon-structural protein NS3/Small envelope protein E 285
PF04205 FMN_bind domainFMN-binding domain 99137
PF01252 Peptidase_A8 familySignal peptidase (SPase) II 11165
PF01034 Syndecan familySyndecan domain 9443
PF04724 Glyco_transf_17 familyGlycosyltransferase family 17 4442
PF01306 LacY_symp familyLacY proton/sugar symporter 4415
PF02694 UPF0060 familyUncharacterized BCR, YnfA/UPF0060 family 4109
PF00033 Cytochrom_B_N domainCytochrome b(N-terminal)/b6/petB 8212
PF00924 MS_channel familyMechanosensitive ion channel 39287
PF01036 Bac_rhodopsin domainBacteriorhodopsin14261
PF02669 KdpC familyK+-transporting ATPase, c chain 3194
PF03254 XG_FTase familyXyloglucan fucosyltransferase 8494
PF00864 P2X_receptor familyATP P2X receptor 6382
PF02535 Zip familyZIP Zinc transporter 44723
PF06293 Kdo familyLipopolysaccharide kinase (Kdo/WaaP) family 14226
PF00771 FHIPEP familyFHIPEP family 25720
PF04172 LrgB familyLrgB-like family 39227
PF00858 ASC familyAmiloride-sensitive sodium channel 31847
PF06148 COG2 familyCOG (conserved oligomeric Golgi) complex component, COG2 4806
PF02255 PTS_IIA domainPTS system, Lactose/Cellobiose specific IIA subunit 1097
PF02793 HRM familyHormone receptor domain 50102
PF00375 SDF familySodium:dicarboxylate symporter family 12473
PF02116 STE2 familyFungal pheromone mating factor STE2 GPCR 2425
PF04871 Uso1_p115_C familyUso1 / p115 like vesicle tethering protein, C terminal region 6153
PF01043 SecA_PP_bind domainSecA preprotein cross-linking domain 69163
PF00512 HisKA domainHis Kinase A (phosphoacceptor) domain 270102
PF06247 Plasmod_Pvs28 familyPlasmodium ookinete surface protein Pvs28 5231
PF04692 PDGF_N familyPlatelet-derived growth factor, N terminal region 782
PF01049 Cadherin_C familyCadherin cytoplasmic region 20169
PF04277 OAD_gamma familyOxaloacetate decarboxylase, gamma chain 1298
PF06646 Mycoplasma_p37 familyHigh affinity transport system protein p37 6459
PF03176 MMPL familyMMPL family 37116
PF00930 DPPIV_N familyDipeptidyl peptidase IV (DPP IV) N-terminal region 46812
PF01544 CorA familyCorA-like Mg2+ transporter protein 25550
PF04647 AgrB familyAccessory gene regulator B 13210
PF02815 MIR domainMIR domain 31296
PF02932 Neur_chan_memb familyNeurotransmitter-gated ion-channel transmembrane region 50528
PF00654 Voltage_CLC familyVoltage gated chloride channel 27496
PF03579 SHP familySmall hydrophobic protein 364
PF00421 PSII familyPhotosystem II protein 19525
PF08085 Entericidin familyEntericidin EcnA/B family 1943
PF01654 Bac_Ubq_Cox familyBacterial Cytochrome Ubiquinol Oxidase 11601
PF01618 MotA_ExbB familyMotA/TolQ/ExbB proton channel family 28148
PF03647 TMEM14 familyTransmembrane proteins 14C 10104
PF02038 ATP1G1_PLM_MAT8 familyATP1G1/PLM/MAT8 family 857
PF01621 Fusion_gly_K familyCell fusion glycoprotein K 7359
PF02600 DsbB familyDisulfide bond formation protein DsbB 8165
PF02313 Fumarate_red_D domainFumarate reductase subunit D 4121
PF03552 Cellulose_synt familyCellulose synthase 15958
PF01532 Glyco_hydro_47 domainGlycosyl hydrolase family 47 18555
PF02743 Cache domainCache domain 23111
PF03991 Prion_octapep repeatCopper binding octapeptide repeat 58
PF06663 DUF1170 familyProtein of unknown function (DUF1170) 3228
PF00939 Na_sulph_symp familySodium:sulfate symporter transmembrane region 11589
PF01825 GPS familyLatrophilin/CL-1-like GPS domain 1961
PF01554 MatE familyMatE68191
PF05083 LST1 familyLST-1 protein 3108
PF03376 Adeno_E3B familyAdenovirus E3B protein 691
PF02706 Wzz familyChain length determinant protein 42281
PF03414 Glyco_transf_6 familyGlycosyltransferase family 6 6341
PF03379 CcmB familyCcmB protein 13222
PF01061 ABC2_membrane familyABC-2 type transporter 310309
PF03137 OATP familyOrganic Anion Transporter Polypeptide (OATP) family 17746
PF01401 Peptidase_M2 familyAngiotensin-converting enzyme 6600
PF02468 PsbN familyPhotosystem II reaction centre N protein (psbN) 744
PF02366 PMT familyDolichyl-phosphate-mannose-protein mannosyltransferase 24292
PF05366 Sarcolipin familySarcolipin231
PF02534 TraG familyTraG/TraD family 9608
PF02683 DsbD familyCytochrome C biogenesis protein transmembrane region 10264
PF02553 CbiN familyCobalt transport protein component CbiN 1277
PF05504 Spore_GerAC familySpore germination B3/ GerAC like, C-terminal 23191
PF00267 Porin_1 domainGram-negative porin 18423
PF02293 AmiS_UreI familyAmiS/UreI family transporter 5200
PF02447 GntP_permease familyGntP family permease 12467
PF02702 KdpD familyOsmosensitive K+ channel His kinase sensor domain 24210
PF05887 Trypan_PARP familyProcyclic acidic repetitive protein (PARP) 2145
PF02690 Na_Pi_cotrans familyNa+/Pi-cotransporter25176
PF00324 AA_permease familyAmino acid permease 28621
PF01762 Galactosyl_T familyGalactosyltransferase17235
PF00229 TNF domainTNF(Tumour Necrosis Factor) family 52171
PF03500 Cellsynth_D familyCellulose synthase subunit D 2144
PF02667 SCFA_trans familyShort chain fatty acid transporter 4478
PF04695 Pex14_N familyPeroxisomal membrane anchor protein (Pex14p) conserved region 10153
PF00993 MHC_II_alpha domainClass II histocompatibility antigen, alpha domain 5185
PF03493 BK_channel_a familyCalcium-activated BK potassium channel alpha subunit 13165
PF02472 ExbD familyBiopolymer transport protein ExbD/TolR 11140
PF05072 Herpes_UL43 familyHerpesvirus UL43 protein 11391
PF03662 Glyco_hydro_79n domainGlycosyl hydrolase family 79, N-terminal domain 9466
PF02308 MgtC familyMgtC family 11150
PF03523 Macscav_rec familyMacrophage scavenger receptor 449
PF01758 SBF familySodium Bile acid symporter family 18225
PF00873 ACR_tran familyAcrB/AcrD/AcrF family 241164
PF01365 RYDR_ITPR familyRIH domain 18250
PF07155 DUF1393 familyProtein of unknown function (DUF1393) 8182
PF01534 Frizzled familyFrizzled/Smoothened family membrane region 13381
PF01773 Nucleos_tra2_N familyNa+ dependent nucleoside transporter N-terminus 6482
PF02714 DUF221 familyDomain of unknown function DUF221 12551
PF04136 Sec34 familySec34-like family 4166
PF03820 Mtc familyTricarboxylate carrier 12340
PF00529 HlyD familyHlyD family secretion protein 49361
PF02532 PsbI familyPhotosystem II reaction centre I protein (PSII 4.8 kDa protein) 638
PF00287 Na_K-ATPase familySodium / potassium ATPase beta chain 11344
PF00860 Xan_ur_permease familyPermease family 21449
PF02370 M repeatM protein repeat 5921
PF00944 Alpha_core domainAlphavirus core protein 5159
PF01148 CTP_transf_1 familyCytidylyltransferase family 49393
PF04973 NMN_transporter familyNicotinamide mononucleotide transporter 6224
PF02364 Glucan_synthase family1,3-beta-glucan synthase component 9898