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Examples: Search for family "7tm_1" - family PF06994 - Beta_propeller clan - KEGG gene "hsa:4621"
Keyword: 'Immunoglobulin' - Keyword 'Influenza'

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Keyword search
Full-text search in all fields of the database
(IDs, cross-references, descriptions). Use double-quotes
(") to search for exact phrases. The entries returned by
the search contain all keywords (implicit "and").
Display a family
Very fast search for pfam entries. The
search can be done either by pfam ID
(e.g. PF00001) or by pfam name (e.g. 7tm_1).
Display a clan
Very fast search for clan entries. The
search can be done either by clan ID
(e.g. CL0192) or by clan name (e.g. GPCR_A).
Display all pfam associated with a gene
This search for all the families / domains
that are associated with the searched gene.
Currently supported are NCBI and KEGG gene IDs.
Display an entry (a protein)
Directly access an entry by the OMA entry
number (e.g. ECOLI01893) or by using other
identifiers, such SwissProt, NCBI or Ensembl IDs.